Finishing a Pot Using the Coiling Method

What is the Coiling Method?

The coiling method is a pottery technique where long, thin coils of clay are rolled out and then joined together to create the walls of a vessel. This is one of the oldest and most fundamental techniques in pottery, and has been used for thousands of years.

To use the coiling method, you begin by taking a ball of clay and rolling it into a long, thin coil, like a snake. Then, you lay the coil down on a flat surface and press it gently into the shape of the vessel you want to create. You can continue to add more coils on top of the first one, pressing them together as you go, until you have built up the walls of the vessel to the desired height. Once you have built up the walls of the vessel, you can smooth out the surface and refine the shape using various tools.

The coiling method is a great way to create vessels with complex shapes or irregular forms, and it allows for a lot of creative freedom in the design process. However, it can also be time-consuming and requires some practice and patience to master.


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