Hard Edge Slab Wine Decanter

Making a Hard Edge Slab Wine Decanter

The hard edge slab technique is a method used in pottery to create sharp edges and defined corners on slab-built forms. It involves constructing forms by joining slabs of clay with distinct, sharp edges instead of using curved or rounded edges.

To use this technique, a potter first rolls out a slab of clay to the desired thickness, then cuts the slab into sections using a straight edge, such as a ruler or a piece of wood with a straight edge. The sections are then joined together to form the desired shape of the object, such as a box or vase. The edges of the clay sections are left sharp and defined, giving the object a modern, geometric look.

While the hard edge slab technique can be more challenging than traditional slab building techniques, it offers a unique aesthetic that can add interest and dimension to a potter's work. It is a versatile technique that can be used to create a variety of objects, from small jewelry boxes to larger vessels.


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