Saggar Firing Technique

Saggar Firing Technique

Saggar firing is a pottery firing technique that involves enclosing the pottery in a protective container called a saggar, which is then placed in a kiln for firing. The saggar is usually made from a fire-resistant material such as clay or metal and can be lined with combustible materials like sawdust, salt, or other minerals.

The purpose of saggar firing is to create a controlled atmosphere inside the saggar that affects the color and texture of the pottery. By adding different materials to the saggar, the potter can create unique and interesting effects on the surface of the pottery. For example, copper wire or foil may be added to the saggar to create a metallic sheen on the pottery, while salt or seaweed can create a textured or speckled effect.

Saggar firing is often used in combination with other firing techniques, such as Raku or pit firing. It is a popular technique among those who are interested in creating experimental and unique effects on their pottery.


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